1. wow……….. really? seriously?

    its amazing to me, seriously, that some people consider you the monster when you have done NOTHING but seriously try to have actual conversations with someone, and they literally send nothing back and ignore you unless you are talking about drag race. and im the low one? im the pathetic one? please bitch, please. you have always said how you hate when people never message you and never talk to you, and when i try, you ignore me? you are such a damn hypocrite. you say soooooo many things and then do the opposite when it comes to a lot of it. you say you are always there, but you arent. you say that you are a great listener, but whenever ive tried to really talk to you about something that was upsetting me, all i get from you is “well at least you dont have a, b, or c,” and you make it all about you suddenly. its really annoying. you know what? you dont like when people dont understand you, but you DO NOT give them a chance to, seriously. check yourself before you point the finger

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  2. really?

    you know what i dont fucking understand? how you can do nothing but be there for fucking someone, for EVERYTHING, and FUCKING DONT GET SHIT BACK. seriously? after you have dont nothing but fucking been there for them, listened to them, been their shoulder, and then they fucking ignore you????????? FUCK YOU BITCH

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  4. havent posted here in i dont know how long; i mainly focus on my other blog, which in all honesty, is my main blog. i just wanted to say, how amazing it is how much things have changed over the last year. a shit ton has changed. it has changed for the better. words cannot express how unbelievably happy i am right now. i have finally found someone that treats me the way i deserve, someone who is so amazing and beautiful. he has forever changed me, in a brilliant amazing way. he makes me more confident, he loves me for me. he doesnt treat me like im stupid when i ask him how to do something, he doesnt just say “look it up.” he takes the time, regardless of how “stupid” i may seem, and teaches me things the way i need to be taught. he holds my hand, my heart, my mind. he supports me unconditionally; he comes to doctor appts with me to hold my hand, and no one has ever done that before. i no longer feel like im alone. i can fall apart, and he holds me and listens. <3 best man in the world. our connection will never go away, we have talked about that. squishy love, doom cuddles for the win <3

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  5. havent been on here in months; looks like no one has missed me :P

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Nice Guy Alpaca


    Nice Guy Alpaca

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Marla Singer por Vlad Rodriguez


    Marla Singer por Vlad Rodriguez

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Black Jaguar (Explore) (by TenPinPhil)


    Black Jaguar (Explore) (by TenPinPhil)

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